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9th May Update on Spanish Coronavirus Restrictions

The number of new cases in Spain reached a new 4th peak of 235.59 per 100,000 people on 26th April but dropped back to 198.6 on 7th May. This compares with the highest, 3rd peak of 900 on 27th January. In our area Murcia now has 56.18 and Alicante 28.41. This drop is partly due to an increase in supply and use of vaccines with people under 60 now receiving their first dose. 5 million people have received both doses and 76.8% of over 60’s have received their first dose.

This allowed the government to open the borders at midnight on 8th May when the state of alarm ended. The Supreme Court now has authority to decide if regions wish to re-impose restrictions to curb any rise in the local pandemic rate, rather than the government. Bars and restaurants in Murcia are now allowed to stay open until midnight with a maximum of 6 people in a group.  Individual towns may be locked down if the case rate rises above 250. In Alicante it is 1130pm and 10 people. Hotels are beginning to open again but it is unlikely that full availability will be reached until July.

Another factor is that the UK introduces a traffic light system for travel abroad on 17th May and Spain, initially, is classified as amber. This means only essential travel is recommended and people will have to quarantine for 10 days on return to UK.

New speed restrictions come into force on Spanish roads on 11th May. They apply to vias urbanas (urban area roads) only and not to travesias (motorways and main dual carriageways). Urban roads with one lane in each direction will have a speed limit of 30km/hour instead of 50. Single lane roads will also be 30km/hour. Urban roads with more than 2 lanes will be 50km/hour. Fines will start at 100 euros and increase depending on the actual speed of the offending car.

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7th April Update on Spanish Coronavirus Restrictions

Easter Week restrictions did not see a slowdown in the vaccination rate in Spain. The rate of 1.3 million jabs a week is expected to accelerate as deliveries increase and mass vaccination centres open allowing 30 million people to have received their jabs by the end of June. When the Royal Decree expires on 9 May Regions will have less power to impose their own night-time curfews, border and town perimeter lockdowns and number of people allowed to attend social meetings. Airlines are offering an increasing number of seats to Spain from May to July. This indicates a desire to open the Spanish tourist industry for the summer if control of the pandemic allows.

The current, average rate of new cases per 100,000 people in Spain is 151.79. In Murcia where SAMM operates it is 57.77. In Alicante to the north it is 24.02 and in Almeria to the south it is 204.75. While the situation is improving it is now becoming a personal decision on whether to book a visit to our part of Spain in early summer, taking into account of any restrictions on leaving UK and entering Spain.

1st March Update on Spanish Coronavirus Restrictions

During February several Regions of Spain used their authority to re-impose restrictions on shops, bars, restaurants and hotels, including lockdown of individual towns and borders. This was a reaction to a 3rd wave of Coronavirus and concerns on the spread of new strains and the slower than anticipated start to the Spanish vaccination programme. By the end of the month there was a spike in British booking Summer holidays on the Costas and the Government announced an €11 Bn support package for hostelry and tourist sectors to prepare for it, while extending travel restrictions to UK arrivals until 16 March.

The Royal Decree giving Regional authority to impose their own restrictions expires on 9th May. There is a cautious desire, strengthened by belief that the vaccination programme will now accelerate, to open the tourist industry for the coming Summer. Some local restrictions are being lifted on 1st March that will allow some of our members to visit their boats again to get them prepared.

Spain began 2021, in common with many EU nations, by introducing new restrictions to counter the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and a rise in cases over the festive season. Each region of Spain is assessed daily as being in one of 4 coronavirus risk levels – Extreme, High, Medium and Low. The Mar Menor is in the Region of Murcia and was assessed as Medium. Each Region has authority to close its own borders and individual cities and municipalities within its Region where the number of cases are higher than the average.

Spain benefits from the EU purchase of vaccinations for all EU nations and allocation of quantities according to national population. Spain has a programme of three 3-month phases for vaccination of the whole population started in January 2021. As the risk level falls and freedom of movement and air travel starts to return tourist facilities in the Mar Menor area will return to normal. This page will be updated regularly to inform you of local conditions and how SAMM is responding to get ourselves and our members both back on the water and meeting socially again.

What is SAMM and why choose us?

The Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM) was formed in January 2006 and its purpose is to provide a meeting point for sailors in the area, and try to help solve problems experienced in keeping and sailing boats in the Mar Menor and Mediterranean.

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SAMM (the Sailing Association Mar Menor) can be regarded as the sailing Centre of the Mar Menor (see Google Map) and surrounding district.  Members and friends come from as far away as Mazarrón to sail and socialise!

SAMM does not own or hire boats. Membership of one of the Groups. (Click on one of their pictures on the Home Page to see more about them), is required to be able to sail one of their boats.  The Cruising Group networks with external boat owners around the Mar Menor and doesn’t own a boat but sails can be offered if an arranged boat is available.

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Should you want to come along to one of our General Meetings – see below;
All are welcome to attend our General Meeting and meet Members, listen to our speakers and see some of our boats in the CTD (Formerly CAR) Boatyard, Los Narejos see Google Maps and search for “Centro Alto Rendimiento, Los Narejos, Los Alcázares, Murcia, Spain” – please see Note below about its name change.  Meetings start promptly at 11.00 so come earlier for a chat and coffee!  See below for Agenda;

Monthly General Meetings – open to all Members and interested Non-members.   These are held at Las Claras del Mar Menor every Month. (Usually the second Wednesday), except in August.
Map of las claras, los alcazares, murcia

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Meet at Las Claras from 10.00 a.m. onward for coffee in the bar area, then go straight through to the lounge area, where you should see some SAMM Members.

Note about CAR:  please note that CAR has changed its name in November 2013, to “CTD  (Centro de Tecnificacion Deportiva – Sport Technical CentreInfanta Cristina” but the website remains the same (so far) and going into the Centre is no different.

CTD (CAR) Entrance in Los Narejos 2014

“CTD Infanta Cristina” 2014, Los Narejos in Los Alcázares, Murcia

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Race Day on a Calm Mar Menor – looking towards the SouthOur Address is; The SAMM Secretary, The Post Room Box 51, Centro Comercial Balneario, C/Rio Borines 68 – 18, 30710, Los Alcázares Murcia, Spain.