Orphanage Day

A Note to All SAMM Members re our Charitable involvement:

Orphanage Day;

Four Shoestring Members turned out today to try and bring smiles to some unfortunate children based in Elche.  Six children arrived with minders, 4 boys and a couple of girls.  It was a cold and blustery day, and having had a sorte in UNO it was decided to reduce risks and simply use a Weta.

All the children had a sail and appeared delighted.  After a spot of lunch they returned home.  I put forward a proposal that we could do this once a month – perhaps the 3rd Saturday of the month.  We’ll wait until the children have had a chance to discuss the matter and see how they wish to proceed.

In summary it was a good day, brought some pleasure, if not sunshine, into the lives of some children.  Thanks to Janice, John and Edward for excellent support.  There will be future opportunities for more participation from within the SAMM Groups.

Best Wishes,  Roger Troutman (Shoestring Membership Coordinator)