Charity Race 2015

A great day was enjoyed by both the spectators and competitors alike when the race staged by SAMM during the summer bash on June 17th raised 1098€ for the chosen charity AMMA, Alzheimer Mar Menor Association* with more to come in.

*Note: AMMA is a group of carers with family suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia, setting up an Association in San Pedro del Pinatar.  The statutes are approved and now waiting to be passed in Murcia.  They are promised a place in San Pedro del Pinater for a Day Care Centre for English-speaking and Spanish sufferers of these and other debilitating illnesses.

The Day Care Centre will run three mornings a week at the outset, increasing to five if there is a good response.  Volunteers are needed and also sponsors.

AMMA meets at Lui’s Lounge in the San Javier Camp Site every second Friday, at the end of the Balsicas Road, just before the arches of the motorway on the right.

At the next meeting, 16th May at 11.30am, carers can enjoy a coffee whilst sufferers play dominoes, pool, etc. 

For further information please contact Louise Innes: 96 532 2614.

The event was a team race, the first we have held, and all groups except Deltania entered boats to create four teams of three, one IOM radio controlled boat, one dinghy and one day boat.

The IOM yachts opened the proceedings at 11:30am, resulting in a very close four lap race.  As each IOM boat finished, the dinghy in the team commenced its first lap in ideal conditions. As this finished, it passed a baton to the day boat which did the second lap. Then the dinghy did the third lap till each of them completed four laps.

The format was interesting and exciting. As the race progressed, the conditions gradually became more challenging (the Easterly wind force 2-3 at the start built to around 4-5) and the baton passing increasingly difficult, often requiring a number of attempts before success was achieved. For some, this proved to be decisive, as with the increasing wind came swimming (in one incident John Parker dived off the Catamaran to retrieve a dropped baton), the odd paint exchange and shroud twanging as battens were exchanged (won’t do that again).

This provided both excitement and anticipation of the result, whilst adding to the ever increasing complexity in terms of keeping track of the race. Despite all this, the officials did a great job recording the exchanges and the numerous start and finish times, helped of course, by some computer timing and reporting.

Overall, all participants agreed this proved to be a good spirited, fun and worthy event (albeit challenging) and worth doing again.

The final results were as follows:

1st: Team Orange, total corrected time 50.46 min

IOM, Nigel Lane; Martin, Tony Jones, Eric Bromham; Catamaran, George Noden, Derek English, John Parker.

2nd: Team White, total corrected time 54.59 min

IOM, Ernie Foster; Shoestring Tres, Tug Wilson, Pat Fleck; Shoestring Uno, Jack Moss, Jeff Beadle, Dave Hardwicke

3rd: Team Stripes, total corrected time 58.50 min

IOM, Rob Nichols; Bosun, Bob James, Robert Brice; Shoestring Quatro, Vernon O’Byrne, Jim Moyles, Richard Ford

4th: Team Green, did not finish

IOM, Eric Millar; Shoestring Dos, Tim Clarke, Paul Shard; Sirocco, Bob Blinkhorn, Janice Penning, Nilam Wright

Special thanks to Paul Miles Hobbs, Bob’s son-in-law, for creating the program used for timing and result calculations whilst here on holiday.

Many thanks to the officials for all their hard work;
Main Officials; Bob Miles, Grahame Gannon, Paul Miles Hobbs
IOM Officials; Rosie Wilson, Nancy Jones, Nigel Lane
Rib Crew; Andy Grant, Eddie Barlow
Committee Boat Helm; Mike Phillips

A few Pictures from the Day;

Charity Race Winners small
Charity Race 2015 Winners
Cat and Martin pass the Baton small
CAT and Martin pass the baton!
The Dinghies small
The Dinghies