Update on the “Boxing Day Regatta” – Asprodico Benefits!

An update from Alan Hillman on the Regatta in which many SAMM Members played a part to help raise funds for the local Charity, Asprodico;

“I am pleased to say that the Physiotherapy ramp and stairs that you all generously donated money towards has been purchased, installed and tested by Natalia and Naomi!

Asprodico were absolutely thrilled to receive the funds to do this project almost as much as we were by being able to help future children who pass through their doors!

The affection and professionalism in which they helped Natalia achieve what she has went beyond our expectations…as did the amount of money you all raised during the boxing day fund raiser.

We no longer have to take Natalia to Asprodico….we have to take her to Ballet instead…a reflection of the work that they achieved with her.  A huge thanks once again to all who donated/sponsored/helped in any way…and we will be in touch shortly with more information on what else Asprodico bought with the extra money we raised.

Gratitude is also extended to La Diva Restaurant, Hotel Costa Narejos and Russell Dougall for the fantastic prize donations and support for the event.  I hope I have managed to thank everyone…if anyone thinks I missed anyone please let me know and pass this on!

Kind regards”
Alan Hillman, Pro-Vela

Note on Asprodico from Alan;
Why Asprodico?

Our eldest daughter was born at 26 weeks….despite suffering major brain damage Natalia survived.  Those of you who have seen her running around the centre or even sailing with me on the Moth will agree she seems a normal, very happy 6 year old.  With the extent of her brain damage this would not have been possible were it not for a team of dedicated professionals…amongst whom were the people of www.asprodico.org (check their website!).  This is a foundation in Madrid where Natalia underwent extensive treatment 2 hours a day, 3 times per week for the first 5 years of her life. This helped her first to crawl, walk…talk….and even run, things that neither ourselves nor the medical profession initially thought possible. Natalia started ballet school this year…..

We are extremely proud of Natalia… and will be eternally grateful to the team at Asprodico!  This year during Moth Fest we raised enough money to buy a new cushioned floor for one of the physio treatment rooms.

Asprodico now has its desperately needed a new ramp and stair unit in the physio suite!

New Asprodico Ramp!