This page is intended as a repository for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, submitted to the website (use “Contact Us” Form) by members or the general public.

Q.   Can you tell me where I can find information on berths and moorings on the Costa Calida and how much they cost?

A.   Berths and moorings here are not cheap.  For an 8 metre berth, the cheapest Marina is Guardamar (965 971938) at about €2,500 p.a.  They get more expensive as you come south – Cabo Roig ( 966 760176) about €3,000, San Pedro (968 826678) maybe up to €3,500 and on the Mar Menor, Tomas Maestre Marina mostly sell berths costing upwards of €40k for a 30 metre berth.   Cabo de Palos, which comes under Cartagena, is also a lovely Port and Marina.   The Costa Calida Informer (comes out Tuesday each week) often has moorings advertised in their classified section.
Here’s a link to it; http://www.informernews.org/class.htm#boats

Q.   Can you give me some information about the bridge allowing access to the Mar Menor : e.g. Opening hours, radio frequencies, fees?

A.   The 7 metre swing bridge, the Punta Del Estacio Swing Bridge at Thomas Maestre Marina, La Manga, allows access from the Mediterranean to the Mar Menor and opens for 15 minutes every 2 hours from 0800 to 2200.  There is no tax and no need to radio if the operator sees you approach at those times.  The channel is 4 metres deep.  Inside, there is a waiting quay opposite the fuel station.

Q.   Is all the Mar Menor suitable for a yacht of 1.45m depth or are some areas to be avoided?  Are there any restrictions regarding sailing?

A.   The Mar Menor average depth is 4 metres, maximum 7 metres and you can anchor almost anywhere except the prohibited military areas (including around the San Javier Airport).  The northern part is shallower and yachts needing more than 2 metres need to take caution. Entrances to marinas in this part – Los Alcázares, Santiago de la Ribera and Lo Pagan are only 2 metres deep.  There are restrictions during sailing regattas and championships.  Please look at our About Us Page to see more about CAR and the Mar Menor in general.