Join The Shoestring Group!

To Join our Group, please read the following “Help Guide”;

Step-by-step Help Guide when joining Shoestring Group
[Part of the Sailing Association Mar Menor (SAMM), Los Alcázares, Murcia 30710]

Step 1.       Have one or two sails with us on our boats.  Fridays at CTD Infanta Cristina in Los Narejos are reserved for “Come and sail days”.  If you have basic sailing competence (typically RYA Level 1), like the set-up and you wish to progress matters, please follow steps 2 to 6.

Step 2.      Complete an Application form and return it to our Membership Secretary. We can then firm up a sail with Committee Members who will outline the History of Shoestring Group and what we expect from Members that wish to join us.

Step 3.      Payment Amounts: You firstly need to be a member of SAMM (currently family €45, Single €30). See our SAMM Website at As our boats need to be maintained, insured and kept at the boat park in CTD, our joining fee payment is currently €250 (one off joining fee) and an annual maintenance amount of €170 (pro-rata, depending on when you join the Group).

Step 4.      The amount agreed with the Membership Secretary (which can include SAMM Dues) will need to be either paid to our Treasurer (Vernon O’Byrne) or paid in or transferred to the Shoestring Bank Account in Los Alcázares:  Vernon will be happy to give you the relevant details for Pay-in.  E-mail him on

Step 5.      After you join, your sailing abilities will need to be formally assessed by our Safety Officer and, if you pass at Helm level, you will be able to book and helm all our Shoestring boats after you reserve them (See Step 6.). Remember Shoestring Group is not a sailing school and we recommend new members are at least qualified to RYA Dinghy Level 1 preferably, or to take a course in Sailing at one of the local Sailing Schools before joining our Group. You should never sail on your own for obvious safety reasons.

Step 6.       Reserving a boat to sail can be done by using our own Shoestring website, once you have joined.

Signed; Andy Grant
Membership Secretary
26th June 2017