Our current fleet of boats

We have four dinghies all GRP construction with in-built buoyancy chambers and Bermuda rig.  All have similar standing and running rigging but which differs in detail.  For example it is possible to reef the mainsail on all boats but the manner and method of reefing is different on them all.

Shoestring Uno

A locally built Gamba purchased new in 2008 and insured for five people.  It has a roller furling jib, reefing mainsail, a topping lift and trapezes for the adventurous.  It is provided with a detachable, mast-head buoyancy device to help prevent total immersion in the event of a capsize.  As the largest of our boats it is often used for picnic trips so also has an anchor and fenders, mounted on the foredeck, to aid mooring.

Shoestring Dos


The second Laser 2000, purchased in 2013, with Vernon, Ingo and Tug posing!

The old Shoestring  ‘Dos’ (The Pastanaca) was disposed of in March 2013 and this Laser 2000 was purchased and put in its place.  It sails beautifully and is regularly winning SAMM and Shoestring races.

Shoestring Tres

Tres on a lovely Day!

Tres on a lovely Day!










A Laser 2000, purchased second hand in 2009 and insured for three people, though better with only two.  A fast, lively boat like Dos, for the more experienced sailor, especially if the conditions are a little demanding.  Tres has a roller furling jib, reefing mainsail and a ‘gennaker’, which can be fitted in a chute on the foredeck.

Shoestring Cuatro – A Brand New Gamba replaced the old Laser 13 (purchased second hand in 2011)  in May 2015!

New Cuatro in CTD Yard June 2015

New Cuatro in CTD Yard June 2015

Shoestring Canoe

Shoestring Canoe launching off CTD Slipway

Shoestring Blue Canoe in CTD Boatyard

This is a light, 2-man polystyrene canoe in blue and white and was only lightly used before we got it.  It was donated by Eric and Julie Woolams who were Shoestring Members for one year before going on to become boat shareholders in Deltania Group.  The canoe can easily be carried by two people and is unsinkable – great for the family messing about in the shallow water!  It is currently stored alongside our Lasers in the CAR Boat yard, with the paddles stored in the locked Shoestring box.