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33Final SAMM Race Day Washed Out

To the great disappointment of the many competitors, the final day of the 2014 SAMM Autumn Series on November 30th had to be cancelled due to heavy rain over the Mar Menor.

The series positions were therefore based on the best 8 results from the 11 races that were run, resulting in a well deserved win for the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Dos’ with 16.75 points, second the other Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Tres’ with 24.75 points, with the Catamaran ‘Hamour taking third place honours with 30.25 points. The next three places (see table) were very close behind with the Laser 13 ‘Shoestring Quatro’  fourth on 31 points, the Faversham 14 fifth on 32.5 points and the Balaton ‘Conny’ sixth on 35.75 points.

The season had been a great success with 9 or 10 boats from the total fleet of 11 competing in almost every race. All top boats had been sailed by various crews during the season as all were owned by ‘boat share’ groups within SAMM.

The photograph below shows the trophies being presented to representatives of the crews by the Commodore Janice Penning.  From left to right; Ingo Wilson in Tres, John Down in Dos and behind Janice, George Noden in Hamour.

Autumn 2014 Series Winners

The SAMM Special Award was presented at the same time to Ernie Foster (below), whose outboard engine skills and knowledge have given us a trouble free year with the support Rib. Before being given the glass trophy, Ernie was first presented with two cans of WD40, which the assembled members found hilarious. The dates of the Spring 2015 season will be announced during January so if you are interested look under ‘Racing’ on the SAMM web site

Special Award 2014 Ernie

Autumn 2014 Seris Pos - Final Results


As I sit writing this the wind outside is blowing at up to 25 knots but, yesterday when I arrived at Los Alcázares for the fifth race day of the SAMM Autumn Series the Mar Menor looked like a mirror with not a breath of wind to ruffle the surface. It was also gin clear so you could see every detail of the bottom in 4 or 5 meters of water.

The race start, for the 10 boats, was delayed till 12 noon and we were getting a few whispers by then, but not enough to get the four bigger boats moving much, and not from a consistent direction.

After a lacklustre 3 laps the Hartley crossed the line in 1hour, 8mins, 42secs but the last boat needed 2hours, 32mins, 35secs to finish.

By 3pm the wind had risen to about 6 knots, again with considerable shifts, and the racing was much tighter over four laps. The Hartley only needed 54mins, 3secs to finish, followed by the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Dos’ just 1min, 39secs later.

At the back, the two Sailfish 18’s ‘Mistral’ and ‘Sirocco’ fought the whole way round with the lead changing four or five times. On one occasion these two boats and the Catamaran ‘Hamour’ rounded the second mark as a tight knit group with just inches between them, a pity the photographer was busy elsewhere.

In this private tussle, ‘Mistral’, the boat I sailed on, finally triumphed finishing in 1hour, 46mins, 50secs, just 1min, 27secs ahead.

Race results on Corrected Time were: Race 1- Hartley, Balaton ‘Conny’, Shoestring ‘Quatro’. Race 2 – Hartley, Shoestring ‘Dos’, Balaton ‘Conny’.

Terry Chapman (Race Coordinator)

Results of Racing on 2nd November 2014

Autumn Series 2014 - R 9 - Nov 2nd Autumn Series 2014 - R 10 - Nov 2nd

Time Difference Table

Time Dif Table 2nd Nov








Position Table
Autumn 2014 Seris Pos - Races 1 to 10 - Nov 2nd


Problems, Problems, Problems!

The race day on 30th November was unfortunately beset with problems.

We had been asked by CAR to clear the boat park by 10am because of an event there involving numerous children. Everybody complied by arriving extra early but no children were around and just a few showed up during the morning at our sign-on desk, to practice their English with Maggie and her assistants.

The weather on the day was perfect with 6 to 10 knot winds from the SW backing S and the first race started promptly at 11am. Ten boats were entered and the 6 dinghies were away first, followed, as usual, by the 4 bigger boats. It became apparent that something was not right when the first of the bigger boats arrived at what they thought was the second mark and could not see the third mark in the position they were told it should be at the briefing. Eventually, it transpired that the third mark had drifted a long way and had been mistaken for the second mark by the larger boats. This forced the race to be abandoned.  Then, due to the excessive distance it had covered, the Rib ran out of fuel. The Catamaran, which was not far away, came to the rescue by giving them their spare supply.

The course was reset by the Rib during the lunch break and again 10 boats started the second race. All completed one lap but, as the back markers approached the third mark on their second lap, they found it had again drifted and was being recovered by the Rib. This forced a second abandonment.

After the race it was discovered that, at some time, someone had shortened the anchor rope on the wayward buoy, probably because it was damaged, and it was too short for the anchor to reach the bottom. The Race Committee and Race Officers were not aware this had been done, so will Members please inform us in future if they do something like this.

The final disaster befell one of the Balaton Groups boats, Mistral. As she was making her way back to her mooring the rudder failed. They drifted onto one of the reefs and had to be towed off and back to their mooring by the Rib.

All thanks must go out to our Commodore, Janice Penning, who was doing her first ever duty as Rib helm with David Belcher doing his first duty as her Rib Crew. They performed spectacularly throughout all the days difficulties and deserve all-out thanks.

At the post-race meeting the competitors voted, with 3 against, that, as all boats had completed one lap, rather than declare the race void, they would prefer to have these times form the result recorded for the series.  The race committee decided that, for today’s competitors, there would be no entry fee for the last race day of the season on November 30th. Those who were not going to be able to compete had the day’s fee refunded.

Terry Chapman

Position TableAutumn 2014 Series Pos - Races 1 to 11 - Nov 16th Autumn Series 2014 - R 11- Nov 16th Time Dif Table 16th Nov






At 10am on October 19th when the competitors arrived for the fourth race day in the SAMM Autumn 2014 series they groaned to see yet another flat calm on the Mar Menor at Los Narejos. But within an hour the wind had come up to the forecast NE 8 – 10 knots just perfect for the SAMM mixed fleet.

The first race was delayed when the course had to be re-set to avoid another course being set for a jet ski race out of Los Alcázares but, at 11 45am, 6 SAMM dinghies started, together with 4 small keel boats from the Spanish Disabled Group “Tambien” who had asked to join in, followed 5 minutes later by 4 SAMM cruisers – the 14 boats providing a grand spectacle.

A great start by ‘Shoestring Dos’ Brian Murray/John Down saw them lead all the way to finish the four laps in 53 mins 23 secs, closely followed by ‘Shoestring Tres’ Ingo Wilson/Vernon O’Byrne in 55 mins 54 secs and the Catamaran ‘Hamour’ George Noden/Derek English/Graham Lewis in 63 mins 47 secs.

But, when the handicaps were applied, ‘Hamour’ was declared the winner, with ‘Dos’ second and ‘Tres’ third on corrected time.

The second race started at 2.45pm, minus the Tambien boats and 1 dinghy, so 9 boats total. Again a great start by ‘Dos’ and the Martin, the later sailed by our paraplegic competitor Tony Jones with Neil Coates as his crew again followed after 5 mins by the ‘Hamour’ and the Sailfish 18 ‘Sirocco’.

The again ‘Dos’ led the whole way and the finishing order was again ‘Dos’ in 48mins 45secs, ‘Tres’ in 52mins 43secs and ‘Hamour’ in 55mins 56secs with again the corrected time moving ‘Hamour’ into first place.

A great days racing in conditions Pa Larkin would call just ‘Perfick’.

Note: The race results table has been changed to include the crew names and, in addition to the series position tables, we also show a new ‘Time Differences’ table, all for added information.

Autumn 2014 Seris Pos - Races 1 to 8 - Oct 19th Time Difference table 19th Oct








Race Results – 19th October 2014

Autumn 2014 Race 1 Oct 19th Autumn 2014 Race 2 Oct 19th


The Sailing Association Mar Menor held its monthly meeting on the morning of October 8th. In addition to regular matters, Heather Bell gave an interesting presentation about the history and current activities of the SAMM Cruising Group. This group was started in 2007 to enable members who owned off-shore yachts of 30 plus feet in length link up with other SAMM members who wanted some bigger boat sailing experience. The number of boats in the group fluctuates as members come and go and currently there are just two boats, down from the original five. Both have a day sail most weeks and have done and plan some longer trips up and down the coast and to the Balearics.

In the afternoon a Pursuit Race was arranged and 5 dinghies participated. For those readers who are unfamiliar with such races, they are over a set time, 90 minutes, with the boats starting at staggered times calculated from their handicap, slowest first, fastest last. The theory is that they will all cross the finish line together.

In 8-10 knot winds, the first away was ‘Shoestring Quatro’ followed by the Martin 2 minutes later, then ‘Shoestring Uno’ after 5 minutes and finally ‘Shoestrings Tres’ and ‘Dos’ after 12 minutes. For the first 2 laps the order remained unchanged. By lap 3 ‘Dos’ had overtaken ‘Tres’ and by lap 5 the Martin had overtaken the ‘Quatro’ but all boats were performing well and the time gaps were diminishing. At the race end the Martin sailed by Tony Jones/Neil Coates took the honours with all the other boats coming within 3 minutes. A very close race enjoyed by everybody in the excellent conditions.

Note: In the table below on the ‘Lap’ lines, the first figure is the position the boat was in when it passed the start buoy at the end of each lap and the remaining figures show at what time this was. IE: On Lap 1, Shoestring Quatro was in first position and passed the mark at 2.39pm

Pursuit Race Monitoring Sheet - 08.10.14







Spring Series 2014 Results and Reports;

Final Spring Series 2014 Race Results:

Well, the Spring Series is finally over; longer than normal with 8 days and 16 races, which we managed to complete without any cancellations.

The race Committee have decided to keep to the usual practice of dropping each boat’s worst four results so this season, 12 races have counted to calculate the final placings.

Congratulations to Don Clarke for winning the series, with a little help from Tug Wilson who sailed his Hartley 12.2 when Don was not around, with 7 wins out of the 12 races sailed.

From the table you will see that the battle for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places has been quite close this season with just a couple of points separating each.

The trophies will be presented at the SAMM September meeting.

Spring Series 2014 Final Results Spring 2014 Series Pos - Races 1 to 16

Final Race 1 22.06.14
Final Race 1 22-06-14

Final Race 2 22.06.14
Final Race 2 22-06-14

Spring 2014 Series Pos - Races 1 to 14

Final Race 2 22-06-14Final Race 1 22-06-14
Final Race 2 22.06.14
Final Race 1 22.06.14

Spring Series April 13 Races 1 and 2 Results and Reports;
Race Results on 8 June 2014;
Race 1 08.06.14

Race 2  08.06.14

SAMM RACING – PENULTIMATE DAY of Spring series 8th June 2014

With some members on holiday or having other commitments, only 7 boats turned out for the penultimate race day of the SAMM Spring Series. It really was a game of two halves, with the Faversham (David and Louise Belcher) having a gear failure in the first race, and having to retire, then coming first in the second race. Louise lacks some confidence in her ability but getting the first has boosted her somewhat. Tug Wilson raced the Hartley, in Don Clark’s absence, and put in a good showing with a first and second. Tug very pleased about that.

At the start of the second race a Laser 2000, whose crew had a combined age of 148 years, managed to capsize but also managed to right the boat and continue to complete the race. We think that deserves some sort of trophy.

Three new members raced today. Martin Hayman and Mike Hall crewed for Julian Pering in the Sailfish ‘Mistral’ with their inexperience in the boat shown by their last place in the first race but they did improve to third in the second race. Frits Baer joined Norman Vener in the Laser 13 ‘Shoestring Quatro’, finishing 4th and 6th.

Nancy Jones did her first duty as Assistant Race Officer backed up by Rosie Wilson who had helped out the previous week. Only for some wag to comment that Tug always gets a good result when Rosie is on duty.

With a couple of places in close contention, everybody is looking forward to the last race day of the season on June 22nd.

Photo shows from left to right:- David Belcher, Louise Belcher, Tug Wilson

Results Race 1 13.04.14
Results Race 2 13.04.14

Race report for 13 April from Maggie Blinkhorn;
Another great day for racing greeted the SAMM members on Sunday 13th April and the Race Officer decided to experiment with an unusual course comprising 3 marks all in a straight line which the boats had to sail as a slalom or figure of eight on the upwind leg followed by a straight run downwind over 4 laps.

With more non-residents arriving in Spain, 9 boats the most so far this season, took to the water for the morning race. The light, 8-10 knot wind favoured the smaller boats and Don Clarke was first to cross the line in 1 hour, 14 minutes and 12 seconds, with the slowest boat needing 1 hour, 54 minutes and 30 seconds to finish. After the times were corrected on handicap Don was declared the winner for the fourth time in the 5 races this season. Second was the Martin, helmed by our disabled member Tony Jones with Neil Coats as crew, with David Belcher and his crew third in the Faversham.

By the start of the afternoon race the wind had built to 14 knots from the East and the bigger boats came into their own. The Sailfish 18 ‘Mistral’ with Rob Hudson on the helm and Terry Chapman as crew, who had taken 30 minutes to complete a lap in the morning race, a total of 1h.44m.42s to finish and were placed 6th, were now lapping at close to 15 minutes, taking just 1h.00m.26s to complete the race and winning by a clear 63 seconds on corrected time. Second again was the Martin with the same crew and third was the other Sailfish 18 ‘Sirocco’ with Paul Lewis on the helm and Janice Penning and Ernie Foster as crew.

Unfortunately, close to the end of the race, Shoestring Uno collided with Don in the Hartley and both were forced to retire. Don would have finished in third place on corrected time.

SAMM score their series using the low points system and, after six races, the Hartley leads with 14 points, with the Sailfish 18 ‘Mistral’ second on 20.75 points and the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Tres’ third on 34 points.

Picture Gallery: April 13, 2014


Race 1 Results  16-03-14

Race 2 Results  16-03-14

Race Results for 30-3-14;


Six boats took to the Mar Menor on the second race day of the season.  There would have been more competitors but some forgot the clocks had gone forward.  Still they too managed to enjoy the socialising.

The first race in a variable 5 – 6 west North West wind saw Don Clarke in his Hartley finishing in just over 30 minutes and even when handicaps were applied he was not denied his first position.   Well done Don, three races and three firsts.  Second place went to Sailfish Mistral with Rob Hudson at the helm and a crew of Terry Chapman and Ernie Foster.  Third place was taken by the Laser 2000 with Tug Wilson and John Down.  In fourth place the Martin with Tony Jones and Neil Coats with fifth place for the Faversham helmed by David Belcher and Bob Blinkhorn in the crew position.  The final place went to another Laser 2000 with Tim Clarke and Alan Darby.  These two competitors would change to the Laser 13 for the second race having identified gear failure in the Laser 2000.   All boats finished in just over 45 minutes.

The second race was a total change of fortune with the wind shifting to a more north westerly.     All boats finished within 54 minutes with only 8 minutes between the 1st and last over the line. Tug Wilson and John Down were set to take first place. Unfortunately their capsize saw the Faversham overtake them and take the race on corrected time by only four seconds.    The crew of the Faversham were pleased to have improved their position in the second race and come in first.  David only joined the racing towards the end of last season and was pleased with his first position.    His progress will be closely followed by the other competitors.

3rd place – Don Clarke – Hartley.
4th place – Tony Jones, Neil Coats – Martin
5th place – Terry Chapman, Rob Hudson, Ernie Foster – Sailfish Mistral
6th place – Tim Clarke, Alan Darby – Laser 13.