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The SAMM Autumn 2013 Racing Series – AwardsMembers of the Balaton Group - 1st and 2nd Winners of the Autumn Series of Races 2012

The AGM was also the opportunity to present the trophies for the Autumn racing series. Champion Trophy awarded to the Balaton Group Sirocco,  Sailfish 18.75 points  This boat competed in all 10 races with 11 helms and crew making the winning points of 7.75.

Terry Chapman and Janice Penning accepting the trophy for 1st place in Autumn Race Series 2012

Coming 2nd with 24.75 points the other Balaton Sailfish 18. However due to some gear failure this boat only managed to compete in 5 races with 11 helms and crew.

In 3rd place Shoestring Groups Tres, a Laser 2000 which sailed in 6 races with 8 helms and crew and accrued 27 points.

John Down and Peter Cadwell accepting the trophy for 3rd place for Shoestring Tres

Robert Hudson achieved top helm with our new Commodore Janice achieving top crew.g

Members look forward to a new year with the potential of introducing match and class racing alongside the established handicap racing.

Boxing Day Regatta

MABS September Race Results

September 18th Report

Autumn Series Positions Races 1 to 9
Autumn 2013 Race 1 – 15.09.2013
Autumn 2013 Race 2 – 15.09.2013
Autumn 2013 Series Positions Races 1 – 2
Autumn Series Race 3 – 06.10.13
Autumn Series Positions Races 1 to 3
Autumn 2013 Race 4 – 20.10.2013
Autumn 2013 Race 5 – 20.10.2013
Autumn Series Positions Races 1 to 5
Autumn 2013 Race 6 – 03 11 13
Autumn Series Race 7 – 03.11.13
Autumn Series Positions Races 1 to 7
Autumn 2013 Race 8 – 17.11.13
Autumn 2013 Race 9 – 17.11.13

Spring Series Racing 2013 – Summary Results

Please click here to see the Final Results table: Spring Race Series Sail Wave

SAMM 6th Race in the 2013 Spring Series – 23 June

This was the penultimate race day of the SAMM Spring Series Racing with the emphasis on sunshine and sufficient wind to make for some interesting sailing.

The morning race saw seven boats, three cruisers and four dinghies with 18 helms and crews sign on.   There were four visitors enjoying the Mar Menor, in particular two very novice young ladies who had arrived in Spain at 10.00 a.m. and in less that two hours found themselves donning life jackets to crew in the Shoestring Uno.  They stayed for the afternoon race and were delighted to be in a boat that  managed third position in both races.

Tug Wilson and Vernon O’Byrne once again were first over the finishing  line, completing the course in a little over 40 minutes, but had to settle for a second as Bob Miles in Connie was quick to notice a substantial shift in wind direction and made the windward mark with few tacks, setting him up for a first, after handicaps were applied.

Don Clark, was crewing this week but still managed to find himself in the water, which played out to a sixth position.

In the afternoon the wind speed increased and once again although Tug and Vernon were first over the finish line, Connie made it a clean sweep.

Bob Miles with his crew members Carole Sibsen and Rob Hudson pose for the camera.

Winners Bob Miles with his crew members Carole Sibsen and Rob Hudson pose for the camera;

Although the spring race season is coming to a close, SAMM continues to sail all through the year and welcomes new members.  There are different types of craft in different groups so if you enjoy sailing, check the website


SAMM Fifth Race in the 2013 Spring Series – 16 June

First Race – Don Clark in the Hartley finished first.

The end of the spring race series is fast approaching and one could be forgiven for believing that there are more handicaps than those attributed to the boats.   A race meeting cancelled because our venue was otherwise occupied followed by the rescheduled day seeing the support boat out of action.   So as competitors arrived everything was crossed that a good day’s racing was in store.

It proved to be the best day of the series with clear blue skies, high temperatures and sufficient winds for an interesting competition.   It was the first race outing for Shoestring’s latest addition to their fleet, a second Laser 2000.   Whatever the final outcome both Lasers were going to challenge to be first over the finish line.   And that accolade went to Tug Wilson and Vernon O’Byrne in the newcomer.  The Balaton boats which have swept all in front of them in recent times could not up the game.

It was Don Clark in the Hartley who finished first, sailing solo – in previous races  he had managed to capsize, lose his crew, redeem himself, but this latest race proved the guy can sail.  Tug and Vernon achieved a second and the third dinghy, again a Laser 2000 with Pete Cadwell and John Down, came third.

The second race added a further boat, the third Balaton (the one usually managing a clean sweep).  Tug and Vernon managed to hold off Connie, pushing her into second place, but Don could only manage a third with the Hartley, but then he had gained a crew for the second race, was this a drawback?

First Race – Tug and Vernon are First over the line in the new Laser 2000 and won the Second Race!

Only two more race days in the series but SAMM continues to sail all year round.  Whether it is dinghies, day sailing boats, catamarans, cruisers, motor or 1m radio controlled, there are opportunities to enjoy the Mar Menor.

Race 1 16.06.13
Race 2 16.06.13


SAMM Fourth Race in the 2013 Spring Series – “Round the Island”

Shoestring Uno – The Gamba, wins the Round The Island Race 2013

Stamina was needed in this Race, particularly for the smaller boats, for the round the island race which would concentrate the efforts – for a couple of hours at least.

Seven boats with 17 helms and crew crossed the start line in south, south westerly  winds which would get a little tricky.   It wasn’t long before the Deltania radioed its intention to retire from the race, the crew’s comments regarding the ability of the boat less than favourable.    No other boat had to retire, but Mistral was suffering some rudder problems resulting in a last place at the end of the race.   Tony Jones in the Martin, the boat for the disabled sailor, identified shifting  winds which at one point died before gusting and making the water very choppy, adding to the need to dig deep into the skills department.

The Hartley was back on the water with the same helm and crew that had capsized only two weeks ago.   No such trauma this time and Don Clarke, with crew, Lynda Coats put in a redeeming 2nd place.   First over the  finish line in the Shoestring Tres, the Laser 2000, with Tug Wilson helming and Vernon O’Byrne crewing, but had to settle for 3rd place when the handicaps were applied.

Ingo Wilson and Brian Murray – Winners of Round The Island Race, May 2013

Brian Murray, helming the Gamba and crewed by Ingo Wilson won the day.   Brian became the barefoot champion having neglected to don his normal sailing footwear and was forced to sail ‘sin zapatos’ but was very pleased with the outcome!

Round the Island 19.05.13 Results Table.


SAMM Third Race of the 2013 Spring Series

Winners of First Race – The Balaton with Robert Hudson and Terry Chapman

The third race day of the spring series welcomed twenty-one helms and crews in 8 boats, 5 cruisers and 3 dinghies.  With on shore winds, 9/10 kph in a south westerly direction, some boats had to put in a number of tacks to get into open water, negotiating the narrow strip between the reef and the jetty.  Whilst the catamaran was slow to start the race and never made any impact, the rest of the fleet were all very keen to show their skills.  Gemini Uno suffered some gear failure and was unable to complete the first race, but managed to effect repairs for the second race.  After three laps the new Hartley helmed by Tug Wilson and Don Clarke crossed the finish line some five minutes before the next boat.  It was an impressive result for the new boat.  Once the handicaps were applied, Conny, the Balaton with Robert Hudson and Terry Chapman was, for the fourth time in a row, declared the winner putting the Hartley into second place.

The afternoon race saw an increase in wind speed to 15 plus and all the morning competitors availing themselves of the challenge.  Success evaded the Hartley which capsized almost at the start of the race.  The crew, Linda Coats, hitched a lift back to shore in the support boat leaving Don Clarke to return single handed.  Again fortune refused to shine on the catamaran and although Tug Wilson, with his crew of Ingo Wilson and Pete Cadman brought Shoestring Uno over the line first, he once again had to settle for second place on handicap with Conny taking the first place.

SAMM was pleased to welcome Justine Sylvester to helm the support boat for the day.  Justine was visiting the Mar Menor to gain additional practical experience to add to her Yachtmaster’s qualification.  Well done, SAMM certainly benefited from your presence.

Results Tables:
Race 1 5.5.13
Race 2 5.5.13


SAMM Second Race of the 2013 Spring Series

April 21st and the second race day of the season – we wanted a little less wind but forgot to say how much less.

Having delayed the start to allow for an increase in wind speed the first hurdle for the dinghies in the fleet was to negotiate their way through some 75 Optimist dinghies parked across the slipway awaiting the start of their own race.  Good to see so many youngsters enjoying the sport (photo below)

The younger sailors at CAR on the SAMM Race Day

The SAMM race eventually got underway with a fleet of 9 boats with 21 competitors taking to the water to sail round Isla Perdiguera.

Deltania Uno was soon in trouble struggling to make the start line – some attention to trimming required.  The Shoestring Gamba experienced problems with the centre board and began drifting.  The crew of Vernon O’Byrne, Ingo Wilson and Carl Vogt eventually beached on the island  to effect repairs and have a lunch.  They did resume the race but failed to complete the course.

Meanwhile the race was being  keenly contested and although different tactics were being employed four crossed the line within an  80 second period.

After just over 2 hours the Weta helmed by Brian Murray and crewed by Linda Coats crossed the line first  followed by Peter Cadwell sailing the Laser 2000 single handed.

Once the handicaps were applied, Balaton Connie took first place with Rob Cheshire on the helm and crew members Marianne Elias and Carol Sibson (another first for Carol) (Photo below)

Connie after winning the 2013 Second Race!


First Race of 2013 Spring Series

We say farewell to Semana Santa and hello to the new racing season.  The handicap  racing season opened on Sunday 7th April, with 18 competitors in 7 boats all  anxious to show a clean pair of heels.  With a wind strength of  5 – 8 in a north westerly direction  to blow away those winter blues and lubricate those muscles which have been hibernating since November last year, the racing got underway.  It was not long before the CAT, normally up with the leaders, was having some difficulty and in danger  of drifting on to the reef as the wind shifted around.  But although a mishap  was avoided the boat  finished in last place. In spite of crossing the line  first the Laser 2000 helmed by Tug Wilson and crewed by John Down had to settle for second place on corrected time.     First  place went to ‘Connie’, helmed by Vernon O’Byrne and crewed by Bob Miles and Carole Sibson.

Is this a fluke or a sign of things to come ?  Watch this space.  A worthy third place going to  the Martin helmed by Tony Jones with Barry Young crewing.

A break for lunch observed a wind speed exceeding 16 and promising more.  A decision was taken to abandon a second race much to the disappointment of the Weta crew who went out to enjoy an unbridled ride on the crest of a wave whilst the remainder of the morning’s fleet took to the shore and enjoyed a beer or two.  We hope the next race day is a little kinder.

New members are always welcome, check the website or email