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Please note that the Race Results tables for 2015 now includes the crew details and have been sorted into finishing order with an added column showing the time difference in the corrected times from the previous placed boat.  We hope this is of interest to members.

Autumn Series 2015

SAMM Yacht Racing Starts at Last

The SAMM Autumn Series of races should have started in September but mechanical problems with the support boat forced a postponement. But, with the co-operation of the MoBo Group who provided their power boat as Committee boat and Ernie foster who loaned his small rib as back up racing eventually started on October 4th.

Nine boats came to the line for the 4 lap morning race in very light winds. The Catamaran ‘Hamour’ got a great start closely followed by the Sailfish ‘Mistral, then the five dinghies 5 minutes later. First to finish was Shoestring Dos, Tug Wilson and Pat Fleck, and they were also confirmed as winners after corrected times were calculated. 2nd the Faversham 14, Dave Belcher and 3rd the Bosun, Bob James and Robert Grace. Four boats did not finish in the time allowed.

Eight boats started the afternoon 3 lap race but decreasing winds were not kind to the bigger boats and again two DNF’d. The race was shortened to just two laps as the wind virtually died away. Shoestring Dos was again first to finish but was pushed into second place by the Faversham 14 on corrected times, reversing their positions in the first race. The Bosun was again third.

Next race day is October 18th starting at 10am at the CTD Centre, Los Narejos, ALL welcome.

Photo of Winners, left to right; Dave Belcher, Tug Wilson, Pat Fleck

Race Winners 4.10.15

R1 - Autumn 2015

R2 - Autumn 2015


Not being able to attend the last three race days, I have not been able to write any reports on them but the last two results sheets are shown below.

The season is now over so the final series points total and positions table is also published.

The top spot was closely fought all season and the final result shows only 1.25 points separate the top two boats. Congratulations to the Catamaran on their first and Sirocco on its second. They recorded 5 and 4 race wins respectively during the season and neither was ever positioned lower than sixth.

From this table you will see that the points total for the top six boats were not affected by races they did not compete in. It also shows that, in the main, the handicaps are now fairly accurate as 5 different boats have won races and 6 boats have achieved a second place. This indicates the results are mostly affected by the experience of the different crews, the tactics and the weather conditions. Also note that the Shoestring Group’s ‘Cuatro’ was originally a Laser 13 but the races since April 9th have been in their new Gamba which has retained the name.

We did say we would run with the same handicaps for the whole of this season but agreed that any that seemed particularly out would be looked at. Unfortunately, the RYA has upgraded the PYS web site and run into problems, so I have been unable to do the regular checks on and adjust any handicaps. I lodged a complaint with the RYA and they have acknowledged they have had problems and at the moment you can only up-load Sailwave, HAL or XML files and not the Excel files we use. This is being added back into their system but they cannot give me a time scale.

The Charity race was a great success and a full report and results information will be published soon. Watch this space.

Terry Chapman

Race 10 - Results Image Race 11 - Results Image

Race 12 - Results Image

Race 13 - Results Image

Spring Series 2015 – Final Results Spring 2015 - Final Results Image


Wow! – they all started and finished!

Sunday May 17th, races six and seven in the SAMM Spring Series saw eleven boats containing 22 crew come to the start line for both the days’ races, the most this year.

At the start of the morning race there was hardly any wind, no more than 2 knots but part way through the third lap it increased to 5 knots which favoured the slower boats. This was reflected in the results with 1st the Catamaran ‘Hamour’, 2nd Sailfish ‘Mistral’ and 3rd Sailfish ‘Sirocco’.

By the time the afternoon race started the wind was still freshening and reached 11+ knots for most of the race. The Martin and the Faversham were late in starting because they misread the signals and horn blast. The Gamba ‘Shoestring Uno’ hit the downwind buoy on the second lap and had to do a 360, which probably cost her a place.

The winner was the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Dos’ which flew round the course and came in first way ahead of everyone else (did he have a motor or was his pacemaker set on fast?), which also secured them 1st place on corrected time. 2nd was the Catamaran, while the Sailfish ‘Mistral’ beat the other Sailfish ‘Sirocco’ to 3rd place by just 9 seconds.

A noteworthy result in the afternoon race was the 5th place by Mick Burgess in his Sea Hopper, the smallest boat in the fleet.

Race 6 - Results Image Race 7 - Results Image Series Positions R 1 - 7

Perfect Racing Weather – Spring Series April 19th

Eleven boats turned out for the third race day in the SAMM Spring Series, the highest number so far this season, including new member Robert James in his Bosun which is a very old class.

The weather was perfect, warm, and sunny with 5 – 7 knot NW winds and new race officer Grahame Gannon, on his first day in the job got everybody away for the morning race promptly at 11.40am.

The race was being very closely fought when, at the end of lap two, disaster stuck when a marker buoy became adrift forcing the race to be abandoned.

Most boats got off to a good start in the afternoon race which was again very hard fought in stronger 10-12 knot winds from ESE.  The two Sailfish 18’s were in close, often worryingly close, contact for almost all the race as were the two Laser 2000’s.

Eventually, in such very close racing that only,56 seconds separated the first 5 boats, the Catamaran ‘Hamour’ (John Clarke, John Parker, Graham Lewis) triumphed, with the Faversham 14 (Dave Belcher, Kevin Powell) second and Shoestring Tres (Brian Murray, Vernon O’Byrne) third. 

Race 5 - Results Image

Season Positions After Races 1-5Season’s Positions after Races 1-5

Race Winners April 19

The Winners!

SAMM Spring Series – March 2015

A Good Day’s Racing – Second Series

Sunday march 29th, the second of the SAMM Spring Series race days, saw 8 boats come to the start line for both races on a lovely sunny and warm day.

For the first race the wind was 7kts with stronger gusts and quite marked shifts which made the conditions challenging, especially for the dinghies. Final results on corrected time saw a clean sweep of the top 3 places by the two Sailfish 18’s and the Balaton of the Balaton Group, with the Catamaran 4th.

By the second race the wind had increased to 10kts but again with marked shifts and gusts of up to about 18kts. These were perfect conditions for the big Catamaran and unsurprisingly she finished in the top spot. Second was the Sailfish 18 ‘Sirocco’ and third, a great performance in the trying conditions, the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Dos’.

A close look at the results tables will reveal some very close finish times between boats, the smallest gaps being 5, 22 and 36 seconds. This seems to indicate that, in the main, the club handicaps being used are reasonably accurate.

A most memorable day, especially for Ingo Wilson and Heinz Lenhard sailing the Laser 2000 ‘Shoestring Tres’ who spent as much time in the water as on it, by capsizing three times during the day.Race 3 - Results Image

Race 4 - Results Image

All Balaton Boats 2.11.14 (640x585)

The three Balaton Group Boats

Spring Series – March 2015

Sunday March 15th was the opening day of the SAMM, Sailing Association Mar Menor, Spring 2015 Series racing at Los Narejos on the Mar Menor.  A disappointing 5 boats came to the line for the start of the first race which was delayed till 12.30pm due to lack of wind but this was probably because many members had not returned to their Spanish homes.

Under the overcast sky, in SE winds of 5 to 8.5 knots the race was very close fought at times but the final result on corrected time was 1st the Sailfish 18 ‘Sirocco’ crewed by Robert Hudson and Julian Pering, 2nd the Faversham of David Belcher and 3rd the other Sailfish 18 ‘Mistral’ crewed by Mick Burgess and Ernie Foster.

The second race started at 2.30pm in similar cold conditions with ‘Sirocco’ and the Faversham again placed first and second and the Hartley 12.2 of Don Clarke third.

Sailfish and Cat

The Catamaran and two Sailfish battle it out on the First Spring Series Race of 2015









First Race: Race 1 Results Image

Second Race: Race 2 Results Image