All SAMM racing is under the British RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap System (see http://www.rya.org.uk/racing/Pages/portsmouthyardstick.aspx).

Up until 2015 the Race Committee reviewed all PY numbers using the RYA PYS web site. In 2015 the RYA changed their system and we could no longer use it so we created our own Excel program that did the same. Gradually all the handicaps have become more stable.

To set those to be used for the Autumn Series 2017 we have adjusted the figures to 50% of that between the last PN used and the new PN recommended by our Excel program.  The program has averaged the PN’s sailed to during the period March 2015 and July 2017. A number remain unchanged. Any new boats competing will have their PN reviewed after every fourth race for the first season.

Important Note: As an experiment, we are removing the need for boats to compete using the same sail configuration the whole season (except see below for spinnaker) but the handicap used will be that which is the lowest. This means for example that a Laser 1 can sail with either the Radial sail or the 4.7 sail to suit the conditions. The handicap used will always be that for the Radial sail. Note that the results achieved will affect the future PN adjustment calculations so, if changing the sail improves a boats overall performance during the series, the handicap will be forced lower.

Crew numbers can differ without penalty but we discourage two man boats being sailed single handed as this distorts our calculations.

The different handicap for the use of a spinnaker has been retained at 3% difference to the norm in line with RYA guidelines.  However each boat with a spinnaker option must declare if it will use its spinnaker before the first time it races and the reduced PN number will be used throughout the season. If a boat declares that it will not use its spinnaker and does so in a race, it will be disqualified.

Handicaps effective from 1 August 2017

PN Table for web page July 17