Latest Racing Results

2019 Racing Results have now been archived in the 2019 Archive Page. 

Well! We Raced!

After a gap of exactly one year SAMM sailors managed to have two races on Sunday September 20th.

We had not had permission to use the pantalan for race control so moored the Balaton tender at the far end facing the Mar Menor.

Despite the problems with Covid preventing many members attending we had a good turnout with 5 boats coming to the start line for the morning race which started in slight SW winds of 2/3 knots. It was a good start and first to cross was Paulo in Shoestring Dos, followed closely by John in his Laser, Jules and Robert in Balaton’s Ginetta with Norman and Janice in Uno and Jack and Julian Singleton in Cuatro bringing up the rear.

John and Paulo had a good battle for most of the race in their light boats but the other three heavier boats struggled in the conditions and were soon strung out behind them, the wind only picking up to 5/6 knots for the last 25 minutes. John and Paulo completed 5 laps during the 90 minute race, Cuatro 4, Uno 3 and Ginetta just 2.

The results were 1st Dos, second Laser, third Cuatro, forth Uno, fifth Ginetta.

An hour later the second race, of just four boats, started in a much better ESE 6/8 knot wind and it was a good tussle with all across the line virtually together. Cuatro had a fantastic first lap time of just under 7 minutes, with Ginetta’s at 9. ½ minutes, Uno at 10. ¼ minutes. John had a bad lap and took 11 minutes.

The wind stayed strong but was fluky in direction swinging between E and S throughout the race and those who picked up the shift quickest made the most of their advantage.

There were a couple of mishaps with both the Laser and Uno failing to go through the gate on a lap and having to be re-called and Cuatro hit a mark and had to do a penalty turn.

Despite the laps completed being different, at one time they all came together again rounding the last mark and running down to the gate, completing their lap in seconds of each other. It was an exciting race to watch.

Again the race was an average lap race over 90 minutes and the lap times were very close at 410, 440, 460 and 468 seconds. The results first Cuatro, second Laser, third Ginetta and forth Uno.