Registration of UK boats in Spain post Brexit.

A Sobering Article about the state of the Mar Menor

It’s a long read but stick with it if you care about the Mar Menor.

Activity on the Mar Menor

The U.K. Team will be Team Ineos and I recall Ben Aynsley testing a new craft last year. We saw him from a distance and he was going in the direction of Club Nautica in Lo Pagan. We tried to catch up with the boat and the team of 2 Ribs in attendance but you already know the answer to this effort on our behalf.

SAMM Members Help Schools

The money raised by SAMM members through their line dance routine at the Caldero Day fiesta in Los Alcazares was always going to be used to help the children affected by the recent, terrible Gota Fria. To benefit as many children as possible it was decided to spread the spending between four schools.

SAMM arranged for books to be sent to Instituto De Educacion Secundaria Antonio Menarguez Costa, painting and drawing materials to be sent to CIEP Bienvenido Conejero Requiel , an amplifier system was delivered to CIEP Petra Sanchez Rollan and sports equipment to CIEP Al Kazar. These donations cost 800 euros in total.

The response from the schools was phenomenal, particularly, Al Kazar, as they had lost all of their sports equipment in the floods.

Photos show the amplifier system with SAMM members and school staff and SAMM members with some of the children from Al Kazar school

“SAMM Stompers” Raise Funds for Kids

Saturday October 12th, Caldero Day show ground Los Alcazares, every hour on the hour “Achy Breaky Heart” blasts out from the speakers. This is the signal for the “SAMM Stompers” to perform their fantastic line dance routine to the gathered audience. Twenty people in superb harmony, most dressed to impress in Stetsons and check shirts.

At the same time the “Bucket Brigade” circulates encouraging people to lighten the load in their pockets by dropping their loose change into the bucket.

After a while Caldero Day visitors, of all nationalities including a couple who had been married that day and arrived in their wedding finery, start to join in, following the routine the best they can. The numbers gradually grow until to between 100 and 120 people are dancing, so much so that Murcia Channel 7 TV filmed and interviewed the fundraisers.

Throughout the day many SAMM members and guests visit the SAMM pitch to partake of the fabulous fare on offer, basically hot dogs with lashings of onions and mustard and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. More members would have attended but many thought the day had been cancelled.

At the close of play 650€ was collected especially for the children affected by the Gota Fria that hit Los Alcazares in September, with the priority spending being for replacement school books.


As you know, the majority of SAMM’s sailing activities are centred on CTD in Los Narejos, which became home to 200 people evacuated from Los Alcazares after the disastrous Gota Fria.

Many SAMM members quickly answered the call for volunteers to help with the cleanup of flooded and mud chocked homes, wielding brooms, spades and other implements with gusto.

Others donated furniture and food or sent a donation direct to the disaster relief fund set up by Los Alcazares town hall. Others sent their donation to the SAMM treasurer and, with the 200€ donated from club funds over 600€ was raised.

Reports of the tragedy experienced by SAMM members are heart-breaking, one expat women they helped managing to save only her two dogs and a few items of clothing when the deluge struck.

SAMM regularly has a pitch at the Los Alcazares “Caldero Day”, which has been re-located by the authorities to the area of Deportivo Los Alcazares on Saturday October 12th. The SAMM Pitch is 62a and the SAMM Stompers will perform a line dance routine, hourly during the day with the aim of raising more funds especially for the children affected by the Gota Fria. Please come along, enjoy and donate.

2019 Spring Bash!

For the last 8 years the SAMM Social Committee has organised the annual “Spring Bash” at the Costa Narejos hotel which allows many members and their other halves to enjoy some fun social time together.

The 2019 event started on May 14th with a sail to Sardine Island (Isla Perdiguera) in the Mar Menor for a picnic and swim. Eleven boats carrying 42 people struggled to get there in time for lunch due to the very light wind. The only boat to come from outside the Mar Menor “Lottie” had to motor the whole way from San Pedro Marina. A great time was had by all and everybody had a great sail back to their various bases as the wind came in strongly in the afternoon. Dinner at the hotel that evening was followed by a fun quiz complied by Paul Shard.

May 15th morning was taken up by the regular monthly SAMM meeting, followed by a free afternoon, then dinner and a barn dance at the hotel in the evening. A pity no photos were taken as some of the dancing was hilarious.

The final day May 16th offered a free ‘do as you please’ morning, a Chinese banquet at the restaurant ‘Asia’ at 1.30, with ten pin bowling at the Ozone bowl to round off the celebrations.

Many thanks are due to Jill Chorley and her Social Committee colleagues for all their hard work to make this a success.


Four new access points for small pleasure boats have been launched along the Mar Menor.
Ramps along with marker buoys have been installed at Playas Honda, Los Urritias and Atalayon in addition to the Islas Menores.
The designated points will be marked as separate from bathing areas, and one of the benefits will be to stop damage to the seabed caused by the uncontrolled anchoring of boats.

Caldero Day 2018

The Caldero Day celebration at Los Alcazares is a long awaited fiesta on many people’s calendar and, for some years, SAMM has booked a pitch where members can come and let their hair down for a bit of fun on the beach. It also helps attract the odd new member.

This year the day dawned with a blue sky and sun which continued all day. Julian Pering and Bob Miles brought the SAMM marquee down early and a few other Balaton members gathered to help assemble and erect it.

There was an excellent turnout of between 50 and 60 members and friends, with other members visiting during the day to swell the numbers.

SAMM always have a “theme” to the event and this year it was “Mamma Mia” with people being asked to dress all in white; most did. The traditional flash dance was performed on each hour from 2pm to an ABBA compilation and was a paseo stopper. It looked well rehearsed and everyone had a lot of fun doing it.

To continue the Mamma Mia theme the Balaton group provided Swedish meat balls, potatoes and sauce for their members, which Julian and Jo organised and Colin helped cook. Vernon provided a BBQ for those who preferred to cook their own food.

Jack Moss sailed the drinks over from CTD with the help of Tug Wilson and John Down in a Shoestring group dinghy, and then provided sailing trips to anyone who asked, including, at the request of his Grandma, one little five year old Spanish boy who seemed to really enjoy the experience.

Julian as usual provided a fun board game, which had many visitors and Mick Burgess brought his beach game along and great fun was had trying to knock the skittle off the pole.

After the last flash dance some of the performers dashed into the sea in full costume to cool off and put on a spontaneous repeat of their performance but in the sea. While they were doing this there was a fly pass by the Spanish air force acrobatic team “Patrulla Águila”, Eagle Patrol in English.

Click the link below for the latest racing results and an article about the new SAMM Commodore
New Commodore and Spring Racing Results

Data Protection Act 2018

In preparation for the new Data Protection Act that comes into effect on May 25th 2018, I have sent out emails to all members requesting permission to store your data in the SAMM database.
There has been a good response so far but, I have received 34 undeliverable emails with the suffix of If you use one of these emails and you want to retain your data in the SAMM database, then you need to contact me at with a valid email address.
Unfortunately I will have to remove all information apart from login and password for all unanswered emails.

New Roll Bars/Cage for the Whaly

For some time the Race Committee have recognised the need to have a “roll bar”, mounted on the Whaly stern; both to help prevent the engine being damaged by hitting the CTD jetty edge when coming alongside in difficult conditions and to hold the boathooks and life belt carried on race days to keep them secure and clear of the deck.

A stainless steel unit was available from Whaly but the cost was prohibitive at over 600€. During a Race Committee meeting in February, Bob Miles suggested one could be made using plastic water pipe. Terry Chapman investigated further and produced scale drawing that showed this could be achieved, using high pressure pipe for maximum strength, at a cost of approximately 70€.

It was necessary to wait for the new RUG group to be constituted before proceeding but the idea was agreed at the SAMM April meeting. On Sunday April 29th Terry, Paul Shard and Martyn Harvey stated construction and Paul took it to completion over the course of the following week with Martyn again assisting on Tuesday. The finished unit is pictured here.

Paul had a few of the items needed that he donated so the final cost was just 46.92€, paid from race funds, not from the SAMM account.

All users note that this unit is not designed to be used to attach tow ropes or as a hand hold when launching and recovering the Whaly.

Four Launch Ramps to be constructed
in the Mar Menor

AGM 2018 Presentation

The AGM of the Sailing Association Mar Menor was help at Las Claras Social Center on February 14th, the 11th year of the organisations existence.

2017 was recorded as a fairly stable year with membership close to the 2016 figure plus good income levels from the 100 Club, Social Activities and Racing which resulted in a comfortable surplus at year end. There were year end reports presented by the Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary and the other officers to add detail to the bare figures. The Treasurer Peter Ewers confirmed he was stepping down after 7 years in the position and his replacement Martin Beenham was unanimously elected as were the other Committee members who were re-standing unopposed.
As a thank you for all his hard work, Commodore Paul Shard presented Peter with fabulous Aviator Chronograph watch, 50€ to spend as he wished and, to Peters great relief because he had forgotten it was Valentine’s Day, a large bouquet for his long suffering wife Lyn, all purchased with the generous donations made by club members.
After the meeting about members enjoyed an excellent menu del dia at the Las Claras restaurant.


Twenty-two members of the SAMM Cruising and Independent Group enjoyed a social side to their activities recently their Autumn lunch get together, this year at Asador Los Naranjos in Pilar de la Horridada organised by group co-ordinator Heather Bell. Good food and good company, enlivened by the odd beer and glass of wine.

What, you may ask, is The Cruising and Independent Group? It’s a section within SAMM, the Sailing Association Mar Menor, comprising the owners of larger yachts and power boats who offer opportunities to other SAMM members to get out onto the water as their crew and those SAMM members who are not in one of the various boat share groups.

The larger boats vary in size from 10 to 12 meters and are moored in various marinas along the Costa Calida. In addition to regular day sails in their local vicinity, group boats also often go on longer trips along the Spanish coast or to the Balearic Islands, either singly or in company with other boats in the group as each owner’s time permits.

Non-sailors are welcome as crew and are encouraged to help manage the boat and take the helm to enhance their experience but, if they just want to chill out as passengers that’s OK too.

Everybody can also enjoy the many activities organised by the SAMM social committee throughout the year, Christmas and Valentine’s Day dinner dances, the three-day Spring Bash at a local hotel, walks and bike rides followed by a menu del dia are just a few.

The Cruising Group lunch is held twice a year and full details of this and the other groups within SAMM can be found on this website.


The SAMM Spring Series race program finished in early July but, as there is no monthly meeting in August, the results were not announced until the meeting on September 13th.

Final Series Positions - Spring 2017

Due to reasons beyond control only 7 races were completed, not 16 as planned. It was decided by the Race Committee that just 1 result would be dropped to determine the final places. SAMM racing is governed by the PY handicap system and based on the low points system.

Winners Spring Series 2017Rosita

In third place was Mick Burgess in his Sea Hopper ‘Rosita’ the smallest and prettiest boat in the fleet, with 37 points, a brilliant achievement by Mick. Second was the Sailfish 18 ‘Sirocco’, with 34 points. Sirocco had been sailed by different crews during the season so the trophy was accepted by Julian Perring. First was John Down in his RS Quba ‘Lola’, with 31.75 points.
Mick on RositaThe Autumn Series started on September 10th and continues as follows September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 19. Alternate dates in October will be pursuit races.

Photos:- John and Julian with trophies, Mick, Rosita under sail

SAMM Sailors Party Time

SAMM, the Sailing Association Mar Menor is not just about sailing, there is an active social program organised by the Social Committee, ably led by their Chairwoman Jill Chorley.

The latest event was the Valentines Dinner and Dance held at the restaurant Ruf Mari in Los Urrutias. Many club members had not yet returned to Spain so could not attend but 43 people were able to make it and, after a fabulous meal, partied the night away to music provided by ‘Soft Sax’, aka Mrs Wendy Grant.

During a break in the dancing the Commodore, Paul Shard, presented a bouquet to Jo Perring who was retiring from the position of membership secretary.Jo Presentation 2017

A good time was had by everybody who attended who are now looking forward to the next knees-up, the SAMM Spring Bash, held over three days at the hotel Costa Narejos in May.Valentines Photo

SAMM Honours Member

SAMM hold a regular monthly meeting where members can get together, report on their activities and decide on future policy. During the January meeting the Race Committee presented their Special Award for services to the race program during 2016.
George Noden, who had served as Race Office for the year, was presented with the award by the Race Chairman, Terry Chapman, only to immediately have it returned.Terry Presentation 2017 The Race Committee having conspired behind his back to chose him for the honour in recognition of his five years dedication to the SAMM race program.

SAMM run a regular Spring and Autumn series of mixed boat races using the RYA PY handicap system of scoring. They run on alternate Sundays on the Mar Menor at the CTD sports center, Los Narejos, the Spring 2017 Series starts on March 5th with registration at 10am.

Visiting boats are welcome and, if you are interested, you can find out more on the Racing section of SAMM web site and then click on the ‘Racing’ image on the puzzle picture.


The AGM of the Sailing Association Mar Menor was help at Las Claras Social Center on February 8th and celebrated the 10th year of the organisations existence. 2016 was recorded as a notable year with both ups and downs and these were reflected in the yearend reports presented by the Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary and the other officers.

The main ‘down’ were the changes forced by the closure of the jetty at CTD for safety reasons. The ‘ups’ were the acquisition of a new engine 40hp Suzuki outboard for the support boat, a Whaly 430 Pro, the success of the race program, good PR coverage and excellent social activities, the Spring Bash, Caldero Day, Valentines and Christmas Parties, bike rides and petanque.

Maggie Presentation 2017Some officers stood down and their replacements were elected. One of those standing down after three years as both General Secretary and Race Committee Secretary was the very popular Maggie Blinkhorn. Much to her surprise, Commodore Paul Shard presented Maggie with a large bouquet and a 250€ travel voucher that had been purchased with the generous donations made by club members as a thank you for all her hard work. Maggie plans to continue helping SAMM as a member of the Social Committee.

After the meeting about 30 members enjoyed an excellent menu del dia at the Las Claras restaurant which is now under new management.

Agenda January 2017