SAMM Honours Member


Every year the Race Committee of SAMM, the Sailing Association Mar Menor, make a special award to a member; either to acknowledge their efforts to support the race program or to recognise their sailing and racing skill.

This year the proud recipient was Bob Miles who was given the award, a glass yacht trophy, to acknowledge his tireless work over the last five years as the chief maintenance and training manager for the SAMM support boat.

Bob is a retired GPO engineer and RYA qualified power and safety boat instructor. However he has not retired from helping SAMM as he will continue to be responsible for the maintenance of the new Whaly support boat, which was launched on January 13th, and train suitably qualified SAMM members in its safe use in a variety of tasks. As the support boat for the race program, a tender to get to boats on swinging moorings, to stand by during dinghy training and practice sessions, to collect wayward boats of the IOM radio control group and generally support any SAMM on-the-water activity.

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