Boat Insurance

This page is intended to provide advice and links to insurance companies who will insure boats located in Spain.

Competitive rates for boat insurance can be found at Caser Seguros, the 5th largest insurance company in Spain, and their partners Expat Insurance in Spain, can provide a local quotation. Contacts are:

Caser Seguros Expatriate Network Business – Laura Marie Batty
Mobile: 608 03 44 79 Fax 965 14 17 84 Avda Eusebio Sempere 1, Entplta 03003 Alicante

Insurance Quotes – Ken Taylor Expat Insurance in Spain
Tel: 966 74 01 88 Fax 965 30 21 24

Other companies members have used are:

Velos Insurance services Ltd. 25 Christopher st. London, EC2A 2BS. Tel. 020 7375 3273,  Email Known to insure older boats as well as new ones.

AXA Insurance Company –