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As a general principle, classified advertisements will be accepted from commercial businesses, non-member individuals and Members both on a personal basis and from their involvement in a commercial operation.  Members will be charged discounted rates as detailed below.


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Price per word per week – €0.15 subject to a minimum total price of €2.25.  Insert a suitable colour photo – €3 per week.  Plus 5 weeks for the price of 4.

Colour Panel advertisements with link to advertisers site – €25 per week for a 50x50mm  panel.


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Deltania Share for sale:

Gemini Dos, moored in Los Urritias Marina. This is a one eighth share in in 7.2M day sailing boat, which has been maintained to a high standard.  Picture shown on SAMM home page. Price is 2400 Euros

For more details contact: David Hobbs or Peter Ewers


Dive Equipment For Sale

Below is a list of dive equipment with photos however there are a number of other items available. All dive equipment is being sold by a charity which supports the poor of Fortuna and all proceeds from the sale goes to the charity. They are willing to accept any reasonable price, so they are looking for offers for all the equipment as a job lot.

Swim fins, Unidive, yellow/ black

Glarosub fins, black.

Gloves, Oceanic, blue. Medium.

HydoTech, black.

Boots,  Colitri Sub, black.

Demand valve gear, four (sets) Scuba Pro, black.

Weights,  yellow, various.

Dry suit, RoHo yellow/black, with hat, yellow/black (S/H value typical)

Safety line, Oceanic

Back pack/diving jacket, two sets   Mares Vector Pro grey/yellow

Buddy, black (with mouthpieces)

After dive suits, 2    1 x  Aeroskin, California,  Medium, black/yellow.

1 x RoHo,  Medium, black  (from Robin Hood Watersports)

Carrier bags, 4, one branded US Divers.

Contact Grahame Michael Gannon

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