SAMM Commercial Links

This page contains detail of all SAMM agreed commercial links – sponsored and trade discounts – that benefit our Members.

We have registered as an ‘affiliate’ with UKeyewear, specialists in sports eyewear and prescription sports eyewear – all SAMM Members will get a 10% discount on online prices and SAMM will also benefit from a 5% commission.  The service has been tried by at least two Members and this company produces excelled eyewear – especially for sailing and sun!  They will ship orders AirSure to Spain (a recorded service), for around £6.50 .

Simply click on this link:, sign in using the Affiliate user name “SAMM” and then insert the password “sailingmarmenor”.  You will see the Account details in my name (George Wedgwood) and you can then order what you want against that Account.  When you come to pay, insert the code “seVen” into the required box for a 10% discount.  Let me know ( if there are any problems but you can also talk to ‘Mike’ on +44 797 3333 046 for UK eyewear help on the Account or for advice, or email