A Happy SAMM group Visits “Cuarenta Y Tres Licores” in Cartagena!

A Social group of SAMM Members enjoyed the Cuarenta Y Tres “43” experience in Cartegena last Wednesday was arranged by Janice and Maggie, everyone had a jolly time especially having sampled the wares and tour of the facility, with a traditional meal to round off the day.   Many thanks were given to Janice and Maggie for organising the visit!

Happy SAMM at the Cuareta Y Tres Visit 22-11-14

Thanks to Bob Miles for the information!

Editor’s Note:
For those that have not been the factory unit is unmissable or your right, as you approach Cartagena (before you get to Espacio Mediterráneo) on the Motorway (AP7) from the north.  The licquor is a yellow fortified wine (contains 43 fruits and Mediterranean herbs) that is unique and is;

  • The No. one international fruit liqueur in Germany and No.1 imported liqueur in Brazil.
  • No.1 liqueur in volume in The Netherlands.
  • The world’s fastest international growing premium liqueur over the last three years.
  • The 6th premium liqueur brand in the world.
  • 31.00% ABV
    Cuarento Y Tres Licor


A happy SAMM group at the Cuarenta Y Tres Licores Visit 22-11-14, in Cartagena