CALDERO DAY – Friday 12th October 2012

By Jack Moss

 About 50 or more SAMM members and guests turned up for the much loved Caldero Day outing on Los Alcázares beach.  The weather was almost perfect for the event with not too much sun and occasional cloud to cool us off from time to time, along with a very pleasant on shore breeze.

Our pitch was located beside The Spangles and there was a lot of interaction going on all day between the two pitches.  The drinks, ice and snacks were transported down on 3 Shoestring boats and help was on hand to bring it on to the beach.  Adrian kindly supplied a gas BBQ and every one appeared to be happy with the arrangements. Guests were taken out on Shoestring boats throughout the day and it was a great opportunity to touch base with some SAMM members who had come out from theUK.

The day passed very quickly without incident. We are now all looking forward to the next social event.

(Sorry there are no photos, so if anyone has some please forward them to Janice Penning so she can add them to the report.)