Our Continuing Support of the Elche Orphanage (C.A.M. Baix Vinalopo)

An update from our Commodore, Mike Phillips;

“Yesterday Anne & I and Jill & Adrian visited the Orphanage at Elche, the charity we’ll support this year, as arranged with Annette English their fundraiser. It is located next to Elche Hospital. We were very impressed and came away with a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. The building has a number of bedrooms, lounge, study rooms, small computer room, dining room and kitchen, laundry room etc. Outside there is a garden where they are taught to grow vegetables, a play area and a number of bicycles chained together. They have made a great effort to make the place homely and bright with books and TVs for education and leisure but have only done so with the help of many organisations. All the children come with varying degrees of “emotional baggage” as a result of broken marriages, physical and mental abuse etc. There is one whole family of 3 brothers and one sister and a couple of the other boys have fathered children at the age of 16. Their main need is to be given every opportunity to lead as normal a life as possible and be shown love and affection.

The correct name of the centre is C.A.M. Baix Vinalopo and its Directora is Sara Garcia Cabezas, a young lady who has been there for 3 years and who the children clearly adore. She will be our main contact. While the children need opportunities to get out and enjoy activities and see that there is a different life to their past experience, the centre needs any material items that will help reduce the cost of running it or help provide the children with better facilities as well as cash donations. Even a large box of soap powder is acceptable! We’ll try and make another visit before Easter – perhaps to deliver some Easter eggs.

Over the next week I’ll try and write an article giving information on the centre that we  can post here.

Cheers, Mike”