SAMM Committee Shows Off the Newly Acquired Artaban

SAMM Artaban (MoBo Group Boat)








IMG_4316 IMG_4314SAMM Committee Met on 5 February 2013 to discuss the purchase of an ‘Artaban’ 7 metre support boat, that was made available to The Association at a very favourable price.  The Committee Meeting Minutes are Posted on the Membership Page and the unanimous decision was to purchase the boat.
A new Group (MoBo Group) has been formed to manage the boat, and Group members will require a Helmsman’s ICC  qualification – which many of the members already posess.
Currently, the Artaban is a registered Spanish vessel, thanks to a few dedicated Committee members, and is moored on the shore side of the CAR jetty hammerhead.  Access to the Jetty is of course controlled by CTD and new members are welcome to join the Group.