All muddied up!

One Wednesday morning in June a few SAMM members arrived at the Windmill at Lo Pagan to experience Los Baños del Lodo. There was a pleasant breeze and the sun was high in the sky. We made our way to the far end of the first lake and found a spot to collect the lodo.  Well, Jack kindly offered to collect it for all of us.  We all followed him into the water which was cold on the surface but quite warm from our waists down.


It’s Oh so smooth!

Once the lodo (mud) was collected we smeared it on our exposed skin. When coated, we had to walk around and chat while the sun and the breeze dried it off. It changes in colour from almost black to a light grey. A few photos were taken to remind us of how silly we looked. But as everyone around us looked the same we did not feel out of place.

The next stage is to return to the lake and soak for a while, then wash off as much of the lodo as possible. Crossing the causeway we immersed ourselves in the stream which was pink from the salt.  This water was very salty due to the evaporation of the water and it is wise not to rub ones eyes as it is not a pleasant experience.  However, the salt at the bottom of the stream is quite coarse and one can collect it and rub it on the skin like an exfoliante.  This is all very relaxing.

Muddied up and hung out to dry!

 We had to tear ourselves away to proceed to the final stage of the experience. After climbing out of the stream and collecting the bags we went back to the causeway adjacent to the Mar Menor for the final cleansing.  This water seemed less salty and much cooler. After swimming around for a while left the Mar Menor and dried and dressed.

We finished up back at the windmill and found the Chirinquito ‘Campoamor ‘to have a refreshing drink before bidding our fellow lodo bathers good bye.

If anyone has family coming during the summer it is a great way to entertain them for a day and it is free.

Bob up to his neck in lodo!


Distracted for a moment, which way did she go?


You should see the others!