SAMM Social Bicycle Ride – A Successful Monday 15th April!

Approximately 14 cyclists attended the SAMM Bike ride on Monday 15 April. The event was organised by Ingo Wilson and the 50 kilometer Group left CAR at 10.30 am and the 25 kilometer Group left CAR at 11.30. Apart from the effort in cycling, the main point of this event is to co-ordinate the two groups to arrive at a predetermined place at a predetermined time. Well, the 25 kilometer Group must have been hungrier than the 50 kilometer Group as they arrived half an hour prior to the 1.30 lunch time with the 50 kilometer Group arriving 20 minutes late. Eventually, we all sat down for our lunch at 2.00pm  at Meson Galindo in La Puebla, but it was worth waiting for with 4 courses plus Wine and Coffee. The Food and the company was excellent and we all stumbled out of the restaurant at 4.45pm to make our ways home.!!!

We are already looking forward to our next cycling trip.

Thanks again to Ingo for arranging it.

Jack (SAMM Sec.) – See below for Photos!

2. 15 04 13 before 2nd half 3. 15 04 13 After lunch 4. 15 04 13 Start of 25K trip to La Puebla 5. 15 04 13 Making adjustments to a saddle 6. 15 04 13 lunch at Galinda